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Jalili : Syria Crisis to Be Solved Through Dialogue

6 Janvier 2013 , Rédigé par justicesocialeetdemocratiedirecte.over-blog.com

Jalili : Syria Crisis to Be Solved Through Dialogue

Jan 04, 2013


TEHRAN, (SANA) – Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council Saeed Jalili reiterated Iran's position which calls for resolving crises through dialogue, stressing that resolving the crisis in Syria should be through national dialogue and ballots, not through sending weapons and supporting terrorism.

In a press conference in New Delhi on Friday, Jalili said that the Syrian crisis is a pressing issue and that his country presented a clear initiative for solving it, as it stressed the need to end violence against civilians and launch national dialogue as soon as possible.

He stressed the democracy doesn't go along with bombs and weapons, and that those who utilized weapons and violence and call for foreign intervention in Syria will assume responsibility before the public opinion.

Jalili said that the US acted contrary to its allegations regarding Syria, stressing that one cannot impose an economic embargo on a country and send weapons and support terrorism while claiming to defend the people and democracy.

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