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Justice Sociale / Démocratie Directe / Nation Europe et الأمة العربية de Stéphane Parédé ستيفان بردي

Zahra Al Shaikh : A new chapter of horror & Al-Jowder

8 Février 2013 , Rédigé par justicesocialeetdemocratiedirecte.over-blog.com

Handcuffed and blindfolded, I was taken outside Exhibition Center and beaten in order to confess against Nabeel Rajab and Yousif AlMuhaftha. They threatened me with family members. I heard them say his name while he was stepping on my stomach to the extent that I couldn’t breathe. It was Rashid Al-Jowder, I memorized his voice and later on I recognized him when I saw him in one of the torture sessions from the pictures that were available on social media. I cannot rem

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