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Justice Sociale / Démocratie Directe / Nation Europe et الأمة العربية de Stéphane Parédé ستيفان بردي

Zahra Al Shaikh : We ask for God’s rage

8 Février 2013 , Rédigé par justicesocialeetdemocratiedirecte.over-blog.com

- Was there any female police officers with you at that time?
- I wish, just those “wolves” and myself.
- They claim that female police have to be present during any investigation with lady detainees.
- In the fantasy world, she said sarcastically.
- What happened next?
- The Captain approached me with a long, thick stick and shouted at me:
- I will place this in “….” If you do not listen to me.
- I screamed with anger, and there was a metal closet on my right. I pointed at it and told him “See this closet… even if you put it… I will not do what you want”
He raised his hand and slapped me with all his might, a slap that lifted me off the floor. I didn’t fall, however, because they were holding me from every side. I found myself amidst repetitive kicks and slaps from the police. I was surrounded by them in that tiny room. I did not get hurt from their beatings as much as I was hurt from the way they stared at my body.
Minister of Interior: Have you heard, your Excellency?

This is an indecent assault that is criminalized by all religions, Minister of Interior.

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